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Frank Frazetta Comic Covers

Tally-Ho 1944 CGC 5.5 signed by Frank Frazetta Tally Ho! Comics from 1944 featuring Frazetta's first published comics artwork, Frazetta was the tender age of 16. It's the Snowman, a wooden idol who comes to life to combat the evil machinations of standard issue bad guy The Fang. This is believed to be the Snowman's first and only appearance, Frazetta would go on to have many more appearances.

Ghost Rider v1 #3, 1951 CGC 8.5 signed by Frank Frazetta

This book was originally a 9.0 but was downgraded when it was signed. The Ghost Rider arrives at the precise moment when western thieves blow up a train. His horse heaves from the brunt, and even the hero is momentarily stunned. Frank Frazetta places the blast behind the Ghost Rider, with the fragments and smoke radiating out from his figure. This clever device reinforces the cover's focal point of the hero, and the undulating black smoke rises to adequately form the background of the masthead. The perpetrator is seen in the distance pressing the plunger while the train's front engine seems oddly unaffected. Frazetta's fine craftsmanship is everywhere, from the billowing smoke to the hero's curling cape. This is his best cover of the series and among the best of his golden age works. This is number 2 of 4 Ghost Rider issues with Frazetta art and/or covers. Also shown here is the Ghost Rider #2. This copy surpasses the Crippen 8.5 copy in grade along with page quality (the “D” copy had Cream to Off/white pages), and makes only the second copy of this issue ever to be graded higher than the Fine/Very Fine range (7.0). CGC 9.0 is the highest grade, for an obviously rare book.

Last of the Viking Heroes #1 cgc 9.8 Frank Frazetta cover

This book contains interviews with Jack Kirby and Frank Frazetta when they had the first chance to meet each other in 1988. The story goes: Near the end of the 12th century, the Vikings as we know them ceased to exist. Their barbaric blood had been diluted over the centuries and they had become more civilized. Violence became frowned upon and bold displays of it were outlawed. Decrees of all kinds were established to govern and control the people’s actions. Struggling to adapt in this new era and retain their strong belief in loyalty and honor in battle are the “The Last of the Viking Heroes.” These four valiant friends fight for survival in the changing times of the 12th century… Prince Sven, last of the Viking royalty, Erik, the swashbuckling Ladies’ man, Jon, the magician, and Tomgar, the half-native American warrior, cut a swath of action and adventure through mystical kingdoms of yore priding themselves on the warriors code of loyalty and honor

Conan the Frazetta Cover Series #1

Conan the Frazetta cover series #1 cgc 9.9 These were printed in 2007-08 and featured Frank Frazetta Conan art on the covers. The first featured the story of the Frost Giant's daughter, a Robert E. Howard classic.

Frazetta Verotik Covers

Frazetta painted a number of covers for Verotik comics in the early to mid-90’s

Frazetta Harris Vampirella Cover

Frazetta painted this in 1996, one of the last covers before his stroke.