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Vampirella CGC Magazines

Vampirella #1 was the first all original Warren issue since Eerie #11 (Sept. 1967). Frazetta’s cover of Vampirella was a substitute for the original cover by European artist Aslan. That cover also featured Vampirella, but was rejected over fears that Vampi looked rather anemic. That cover was eventually used as the cover for the Vampirella 1972 Annual. Vampirella’s costume and hair style was designed by artist Trina Robbins. The first Vampirella story is a horror spoof rather than a straight horror tale, as was made obvious by the first two pages being taken up with a sequence of a nude Vampirella taking a shower for no particular reason, except for good clean fun. Several years later, this origin tale was greatly rewritten to fit the more horrific manner of her later tales. Best stories are the Graham, Crandall & Adams’ stories, all written by Don Glut. Adams’ story is in pencils only. The question arises of exactly who edited this first issue? Bill Parente is listed on the masthead but he doesn’t appear with a single written story. Unusual for an issue edited by him. Forrest Ackerman created, or at least had a strong hand in creating, Vampirella and he clearly had a major influence in shaping the light-hearted bad girl story style of this issue as well. Neal Adams remembered that Archie Goodwin was the person calling up artists for this issue and that this was the main reason a very busy Adams agreed to do his story. That makes sense. Goodwin & Warren had a close relationship and only months later, Goodwin would be back on the masthead as a contributing editor. It’s even possible that all three, along with publisher Jim Warren, had an editorial hand in shaping this issue. The Vampirella story arc: Considered a Vampire because she needs blood to survive, Vampirella has all their powers but none of their weakness. She was sent to Earth to kill all evil vampires. Vampirella was born from a race called Vampiri who lived on a planet named Drakulon. That planet orbited around 2 suns, when one of them erupted it destroyed most of the Vampiri that lived there. When astronauts crashed landed on their planet, Vampirella was sent to investigate it. She discovered the astronauts and they started attacking her. In self-defense she discovered that they had blood inside their bodies. She would take the ship and pilot it back to Earth. Vampirella decides that she would be a "good vampire".   Her adventures lead her to befriend vampire hunters, Adam Van Helsing and his blind-psychic father, Conrad Van Helsing and an old magician named Mordecai Pendragon, who took in Vampirella as his assistant. Most of these adventures involved her assisting the Van Helsing's against followers of Chaos who dabbled with dark magic. A recurring theme in the stories was her uncontrollable blood lust, which with a help of a serum made her overcome her thirst very similar to True Blood however due to unfortunate circumstances would make her more dangerous and feral around Adam and her friends if she wasn't nourished with the serum or blood. She would later find out that she was the daughter of Lilith, the first wife of Adam from the Book of Genesis. Lilith was cast out of the garden and then mated with a demon and gave birth to Vampires. She lived on Drakulon which was a part of hell. She would seek redemption from God and results in her giving birth to Vampirella. Lilith then sent her down to Earth to kill all evil vampires.