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Blazing Combat CGC Magazines

This series is Archie Goodwin’s crowning glory. Everything that Harvey Kurtzman’s Two-Fisted Tales & Frontline Combat were in terms of timeliness, art & story, Blazing Combat matches and, at times, surpasses. Frazetta’s covers were the best of his Warren career. The artists were great and Goodwin’s scripts were inspired. Probably the best war comic ever published. The premiere issue of Blazing Combat reached newsstands in mid-1965, during a troop-escalation period years before American public sentiment would turn against the Vietnam War. Publisher James Warren said that, from the beginning, wholesale magazine distributors cautioned him that the magazine's anti-war stance presented a sales obstacle. Warren said the second issue's Vietnam-set story "Landscape", by writer Goodwin and artist Orlando, solidified wholesalers' stance against the magazine. As comics historian Richard Arndt describes, The story concerns an old Vietnamese farmer who finally understands the true economics of war. ... According to Warren, the American Legion began a quiet campaign among distributors, many of whom belonged to the organization, to let the magazine sit on distributor shelves rather than be sent to the buying public. There were also problems from the armed forces (at the time a major purchaser of B&W comic magazines) ... began to refuse to sell Blazing Combat on their bases or PXs, due to its perceived 'anti-war' stance". In a 1991 interview, Warren speculated on other reasons for the title's distribution problems When a first issue came out from a small publisher...the wholesalers really didn't pay too much attention. They didn't know what the hell Blazing Combat was. They couldn't care less what it was... No one would tell me the truth about why sales dropped with the second issue. Our national distributor didn't care enough to delve into it. The people who were responsible for it didn't have the courage to write me a letter, or telephone me, or tell me to my face at the conventions I attended... This set contains all of the Blazing Combats Officially signed by Frank Frazetta.