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Comic and Magazine Showcase

Comics and magazines, Frazetta, Warren, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, along with a few comics from Marvel and some independent companies. In the future we will showcase a few of these titles and/or select individual issues. In the 60's and 70's I collected many of these books, however that collection is long since gone, the books shown here are the replacements that I have managed to find to share with other comic enthusiasts. As a long time Frank Frazetta fan, a majority of these books will have his work in or on them, there will also be some Dave Stevens and Richard Corben in here.

This collection of Frank Frazetta Warren covers has been acknowledged by the Collectors Society;

A fantastic collection showcasing some of the late, great Frank Frazetta’s most well-known and sought after covers. With more than half of the books recorded in 9.6 or better, this set also boasts five Signature Series copies signed by the man himself, one of which is a pristine copy of the classic Creepy #9 in 9.8! Also included in this set are superb examples of the dark covers which are generally considered more difficult to locate in high grade, including; Creepy #6 (9.4), Creepy #16 (9.6), Eerie #7 (9.8!!) and a gorgeous 9.4 copy of Frank’s classic, the beautifully rendered Eerie #23 in 9.4! For the best in sci-fi & fantasy art all you need to do is feast your eyes on this collection of Frank Frazetta’s most iconic work.